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Lower Body Injuries

Lower Body Injuries

Damage to knee ligaments are the most frequent skiing injuries to the lower body. The primary causes are maladjusted bindings with the DIN setting too high - or too low - for the skier's profile. An unexpected release at speed can result in a serious fall.

Orthopaedic consultants at The Princess Grace Hospital are specialists in knee trauma, with wide experience in immediate diagnosis and follow up treatment. They have performed many hundreds of Anterior Cruciate Ligament and knee reconstructions

Riders can suffer from an injury known as snowboarder's ankle - hairline fractures of the lateral talus that may require surgery. Because these subtle and unusual fractures are not always visible on x-rays, they may be confused with anterior talofibular ligament sprains. These injuries require computed tomography (CT) imaging for accurate diagnosis.

Some injuries such as medial ligament injuries can heal extremely well with non-operative treatment. Our consultants can provide immediate diagnosis and follow-up treatments for all lower body injuries.